Late Night Virtual Therapy

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Great therapy is within your reach, even if it has to happen after all the chaos settles from your day!

Life has gotten so busy these days trying to fit in our work life, family life, and then making time to do things to take care of ourselves.  It truly feels like there is not enough time in the day for all of it…if only we had a few more hours in the day…!!  We totally understand that feeling, and we also understand that you may need help but can’t see a therapist during traditional work hours.  Late night virtual therapy may be a great fit if any of this below applies to you!

Your work day is completely packed and you can’t make it over to our office.

You might hit the ground running as soon as you jump out of bed in the morning and then go non-stop most of the day.  This could be because your job is really hectic, you have a lot of deadlines you’re fighting and that makes each workday unpredictable, or you’re not sure you could physically get away from your job for an in-person session during normal work hours.  Regardless of why your 8-5 is packed, we totally understand that you’re probably feeling spread thin already, so we don’t want to add to that.

You’re a stressed business owner and struggle to carve out even a zoom session during work hours.

Many of our clients are busy entrepreneurs and business owners, but we acknowledge that not every business owner may be at a point in their business where they feel they could leave for a therapy session during the middle of the day.  Maybe therapy would disrupt your flow, or your business needs your utmost time and attention most work days.  Whatever the case, we understand that your presence is needed for your business to run smoothly and we want to honor and respect that. 

You live outside of Houston and the commute is just simply unrealistic, or you don’t want to deal with the traffic.

Houston is a big city with a lot of suburbs and a lot of traffic.  Even if you’re inside the loop it can still take you 20-45 minutes to go a few miles during peak traffic time.  It’s also entirely possible that you don’t even live in the Houston area, but want access to good therapy with a skilled therapist.  We want to make it easy for you and as painless as possible, but we also understand that you may still want to see a therapist after you’re done with work or spending time with your family in the evenings.

The only time you have to yourself is late in the evening.

Maybe your job requires all of your attention during the workday, you’re running errands after work or running the kids around, and then it’s dinner and family time until the kids go to bed.  Your reason for needing late night therapy might be a combination of all of the reasons above; after 8pm really is the best time for you to engage in something important for your own well-being because you know you won’t be interrupted and you can have peace of mind that it won’t interfere with the busier parts of your day.

You have a non-traditional schedule that would make seeing a therapist impossible during the normal 8-5.

This might be because you do shift work, are a first responder, or a medical professional.  You might work incredibly long hours with barely enough time to fit in sleep or on your shifts you may not be unable to fit in any time for breaks.  You might also just be asleep during the normal 8-5 schedule, so of course we don’t want you to sacrifice sleep just to meet with us during the day!

You have insomnia or are a night owl. 

In general, you might just naturally stay up pretty late or struggle to go to sleep before 10pm, so if you’re gonna be up late you might as well make it worth your time doing something productive, right?  It’s also entirely possible that you do your best thinking and processing later in the evenings, so late night therapy is ideal for how your brain functions.  We totally get it though, despite your best efforts to conform to trying to be a morning person, the night owl struggles prevail!  There is no shame in that, though, believe me when I say that there are several of us on our therapy team that are right there with you with the night owl tendencies and revenge bedtime procrastination! 

We have a solution!

If any of these situations sound like you but you still want and need therapy but can’t find a therapist that will accommodate your non-traditional schedule, we got you covered! 

Cole, one of our fantastic therapists (and self-proclaimed night owl), had this amazing idea that we could help a lot more people if we offered online therapy sessions at times later in the evening from 8pm-1am and also Sundays if that was needed for clients.  We felt this was SO needed, as we don’t know anyone else in private practice that offers these later hours.  And don’t worry, Cole is trained in EMDR and some of the somatic methods all of our therapists use, so he can help you with any of the struggles that you might be experiencing that you’re seeking therapy for.  He is a seasoned clinician with many years of experience helping clients with complicated trauma histories, as well as anxiety and depression.  You can read more about Cole and his approach on his bio HERE.

So, if you have any of the scheduling issues we mentioned above, look no further. And Cole’s personality is naturally pretty funny and engaging; don’t mistake that for him not taking your therapy and treatment seriously, he just will tell it to you straight while trying to make the process as painless as possible! So basically, even if you are feeling a little draggy he will keep you tuned in so you can get what you need from the sessions to move forward in your life. 

Reach out to us today so we can get you connected to Cole; we know you will feel some relief just by taking that first step!