Why Do I Need This Type of Therapy?

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Growing up in a dysfunctional or abusive household can condition us to live in survival mode, which means we are doing what we feel pressured or need to do in order to survive or maintain a certain image to others.   Even growing up with less-than-nurturing parents or those that were too busy or living in survival mode themselves can train us to be busy all the time trying to achieve “all the things”.  This hamster wheel of hustling for our worth while trying to please all of those around us can lead to disconnection with ourselves.  This lack of connection and presence with ourselves and our own needs, wants, and desires has some major ripple effects. And honestly, we are all so used to doing what we need to do to survive that we don’t even notice how disconnected we’ve become until we start to feel anxiety or depression creeping up on us.  And then we say to ourselves something like: “I don’t understand why I’m anxious (or depressed, or insert here other annoyingly frustrating issue), I’m doing well in my career, I have people around me that care about me, yet I’m still unhappy and feeling stuck but I don’t know why”.   

When we’ve had unprocessed traumatic situations in the past (which we may not even realize was something traumatic), we can over-react about things or get super upset and not even understand why.  This can be SO confusing and frustrating, and we can feel crazy and out of control.  This can be scary, but also so exhausting!!

Ultimately, you may have developed certain strategies in your childhood or early adulthood to help you get through some really challenging times, these strategies may not serve you anymore or may be complicating your life even more than you realized.  We want you to feel like you have some different choices and options that maybe didn’t seem possible before, and those will be easier to “see” and grab a hold of when we’ve done good therapeutic work.  Once we’ve addressed the trauma and chronic stress in the nervous system AND in the brain, the barriers that were put in place because of less-than-ideal circumstances will just slip away.

We truly believe that your work with one of our therapists at Resilience Counseling & Wellness in Houston, TX will empower you to show up in your life in a way that feels authentic and aligned with your values and goals in life.  The truth is, processing even a few of your most disappointing or heart-breaking memories can create some really powerful change and may be the catalyst you need to take better care of yourself so you can actually enjoy your life. We want you to be able to walk away from the therapy process feeling strong, confident, and ready to put your best foot forward in your family life, your job, your marriage, or whatever else you value as important.

If you’ve made it this far on this page you might still be feeling hesitant.  We totally get that.  Funny enough (or not funny), trauma can make us distrustful and fearful of others, especially those that you don’t know.  We understand that too. If you’re like some of the other clients that come to us and just feel hopeless, tired, and stuck, it’s time for something different.  Reach out to us, there’s no obligation at all, and we will understand if we aren’t a good fit for you.  In fact, we will give you some referrals if we aren’t a match, because we know that finding the right therapist is THE most important thing for your healing and recovery.