Cole Kiker, M.A., LPC

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Cole's Availability: Sunday through Friday 8pm-12am (Other times may be available on Sunday by request) 

 Everyone goes through life with their own individual struggles; they have had their own lived life experience and by default know themselves better than anyone else. That being said, I will never pretend to know what you are going through better than you do. What I will say, is that I can help you get through it and find clarity and understanding, instead of confusion or chaos.

I don't believe there is a “one size fits all” way to approach therapy. Everyone is unique even if we have similar struggles or experiences that are part of human existence.

Our upbringing and perspective on life, ourselves, and those around us may impact how we create meaning or how we are affected, but inadvertently we may get in our own way and then can’t seem to find our way out of the haze. This is where a good therapist, someone who is attuned, experienced, and real, can help you better assess and navigate the options that are most authentically aligned with your best self.

One thing that makes me unique as a therapist, and perhaps somewhat rare, is that I offer availability at times that are not “traditional” hours that most therapists see clients. My hope is that this will offer flexibility and access to therapy for individuals who just don’t feel there are enough hours in the day or are unable to carve out time to see a therapist during the “typical” workday. 

So, for the first responders, overwhelmed parents, busy professionals or entrepreneurs, and other mental health professionals of the world, I’m happy to offer evening (8 pm – 10 pm), late evening (11 pm – 1 am) as well as Sunday appointments.

When working with clients, I operate with a person-centered, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral approach. The foundation of our work is based on identifying what you want for yourself in your life and then helping you to shift problematic thinking patterns or strategies that are creating roadblocks to your success. 

I also offer EMDR for those clients seeking some deeper transformation and healing from some of the more stubborn/negative effects of trauma or problematic memories. 

I highly value our work together, as it is something that can be healing in and of itself as we build rapport, trust, and a shared commitment to your progress and well-being. Everyone thinks that people don't understand, and in truth they are correct, but by understanding both your inner world and what’s most important to you, I can help you cultivate a life that feels more fulfilling and balanced, instead of anxiety-provoking or stressful.

I don't believe that every session must be heavy, some can be light, but just because it's light doesn't mean that work is not being done. I try to inject levity and candor into situations, when possible because sometimes a reframe or alternative perspective can help you pull out of a rut or see a solution that wasn’t there before.

I understand that looking for a therapist can be incredibly nerve-wracking, and finding someone who is a good fit and who can help can be one of the hardest parts of seeking help. I like to offer a safe space for people to say the things that they would not often say, because in those things, the unspoken, is where we often find solutions or options that have eluded us.

Cole earned his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Houston Baptist University and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Houston. 

Cole has worked in the field of counseling for thirteen years with underserved and at-risk adults in the community, as well as managing and mentoring other mental health professionals. In those 13 years, Cole has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge that has equipped him to provide support and guidance for those clients who experience some of the most challenging and complicated emotional issues associated with depression and bipolar, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, and addiction. 

In his free time, Cole enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 kids, going to the gym, and playing video games.

For 8 & 9pm: 
                      First session: $200 for 60-minute intake
                      $175 per 50-minute session 

For 10pm & later: First session: $225 for 60-minute intake
                        $200 per 50-minute session