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Anxiety Therapists in Houston Who Can Help Your Nervous System and Mind Settle

Just talking about your anxiety isn’t going to get you very far. You need a holistic approach that addresses anxiety in your mind and body.

Dealing with anxiety symptoms is frustrating and can be downright debilitating. You’d love to resolve ruminating and obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, overwhelming fear, and uncertainty about the future. But you can’t just talk your way to feeling better. 

At Resilience Counseling and Wellness, we take a unique, clinically proven approach that goes beyond typical talk therapy. Every one of our therapists is trained in some type of somatic therapy, which means we know how to help you overcome anxiety from the inside out. Because we provide holistic therapy techniques, you’ll get more out of your therapy sessions and help your nervous system and mind settle in ways you never thought possible. 

In other words, you’ll beat anxiety in your mind and body quickly so you can live the life you want, free from the irritating frustrations of debilitating anxiety. 

So What is Somatic Therapy for Anxiety, Anyway?

Overcoming anxiety in your body and mind sounds great, right? But what in the world are we talking about when we say “somatic therapy for anxiety?”

Somatic therapy for anxiety, or any mental health concern, focuses on your mind-body connection and how anxiety shows up in your body. You see, your body holds onto things like unresolved trauma or chronic stress, whether you want it to or not. These negative emotions and body sensations literally get  “trapped” in your body, resulting in unpleasant symptoms like panic attacks, chronic tension, and endless worrisome thoughts. 

Somatic therapy, when used by an experienced and trained anxiety therapist in Houston like those on our team, effectively eliminates your disturbing and uncomfortable anxiety symptoms from your body, helping you feel calmer and more in control of your thoughts and emotions.  

By focusing more on body sensations and less on the story or thoughts, we can unlock and release what’s stuck in your body, balancing your nervous system and improving your capacity for stress. And through our various somatic therapies, we can achieve this without any physical touch or contact.

Whether you partner with a counselor for anxiety at our super-comfy and welcoming office in Houston or choose online anxiety therapy in Texas, you get top-notch, comprehensive anxiety therapy to help your whole self feel better rather than simply reducing your symptoms. 

Benefits of Working With Our Anxiety Therapists in Houston, Texas

At Resilience Counseling and Wellness, our treatment approach for anxiety and all mental health concerns goes beyond traditional Cognitive Behavioral and talk therapies. Why? Because we know what works. 

We’ve worked with tons of clients that have been in therapy for years. And while talk therapy helped, many have needed something more effective to tackle their most stubborn symptoms.  As therapists, we got tired of hitting that wall with regular old talk therapy and knew there had to be a better way to help our clients.  Somatic therapies have truly been a game-changer!

More Than a Conversation

Sure, talk therapy is beneficial. It certainly has its place in the therapy world. There’s a reason so many therapists practice it. But it’s not always going to yield the results you need. In fact, somatic therapy alone can be highly effective in calming your nervous system, increasing your capacity for stress, and allowing you to feel safe, grounded, and settled. 

And when you combine it with talk therapy, you can make incredible strides in your mental health and wellness with our counselors for anxiety. 

That’s why every single clinician we hire must have some training in somatic therapy techniques. So, any one of our counselors for anxiety can help you reduce fear, have more balanced and rational thoughts, and regulate your emotions. 

We Get Your Type of Anxiety

It can be exhausting to feel out of control of your emotions. Anxiety can do that. But not everyone experiences anxiety the same way. Your symptoms are unique to you, which is why we take a skilled, understanding, holistic mind-body approach and specifically tailor your treatment to your needs.

Maybe you experience mental and physical symptoms that disrupt your body and mind regularly, like:

  • constant dread
  • chronic over-analyzation
  • panic attacks
  • feelings of heaviness
  • chronic tension
  • nausea
  • digestive symptoms
  • body pain without a specific cause
  • shortness of breath
  • sweating

No matter your symptoms, we can help calm your nervous system and help you feel more regulated. Our anxiety therapists in Houston understand how anxiety impacts your body as well as your emotional brain and thinking brain. We specialize in helping you resolve the issues at their core and teach you skills and techniques to use in your everyday life to maintain your results. 

You really CAN live a life that is more balanced and carefree!

Relaxed, Safe, and Comfortable Environment

Whether you choose online anxiety therapy in Texas with us or choose to see us in person, you’ll get a high level of treatment. We know how important it is to feel comfortable in a space so you can effectively make lasting changes. 

That’s why we put a lot of thought into the design of our therapy offices, waiting room, and overall feel of the in-person therapeutic experience.  We’ve intentionally and thoughtfully made a “whole vibe” that feels supportive and conducive to your healing journey.

So whether you meet with us online from the comfort of your home or visit us at our Houston office, you’ll feel safe, comfortable, and cared for when you work with us. 

The Only Therapy and Wellness Practice in Houston

We are genuinely unique in our approach to anxiety treatment in Houston because we are the only therapy practice in the area to provide truly comprehensive holistic treatment. Not only do you get the benefit of some amazingly talented and compassionate somatically-trained-therapists, but you also have access to our wellness services, which include:

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