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This is a crazy world we live in today, and it truly may seem like at every turn things are going wrong or you’re feeling overwhelmed with even the smallest things.  Maybe you feel anxiety about standing up for yourself at work, or maybe you want to make better decisions, but you agonize over making the perfect decision and you feel paralyzed.  Or perhaps you are struggling in your relationships with those you care about most, or you find yourself getting way more triggered over things than you should be.  We totally get you.  It's maddening when you feel like you are so desperately trying to do everything right, but it never seems good enough or you can’t seem to figure out the “right” way to do it.  Why does a happy and content life seem so elusive and unattainable but everyone else seems to have figured it out?! 

Being triggered left and right, or having demons from our past that we can’t seem to let go of can bog us down and make us feel like we keep running towards things that make us even more miserable.  This can lead to unintentionally creating more chaos for ourselves, or at least feeling like we don’t know how to relax or enjoy life when things actually feel more calm.  You might have even started to notice weird pain in your body or physical issues that don’t seem to have a cause or explanation.  Or, you might just have trouble sleeping or have ruminating thoughts that keep you distracted and make you feel crazy.  None of these things make dealing with your busy day or keeping your mood in-check an easy feat. 

If you’re at this point, you don’t know what to do anymore and a lot of your friends and family are either part of the problems you’re having or are sick of hearing from you about the same issues over and over again.  Perhaps we are a little biased, but if any of this sounds like you it might be time to seek some professional help with therapists that actually have some skills that can help you stop the madness and overwhelm you’ve been feeling. 

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