NeurOptimal Examples

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What types of results have you actually seen first-hand with NeurOptimal?

Before purchasing NeurOptimal for the counseling practice, Ashlie rented a NeurOptimal system to try on herself and her family. Once she saw her own results, she decided to purchase systems for the practice and all of our therapists and our neurofeedback technician do their own personal sessions. Here is a combination of some of the results she experienced and were reported to her by her family and Resilience therapists: 

★ Across the board, less fight or flight energy and agitation; feeling more calm

★ More resilience and flexibility in stressful situations, things that used to be triggering weren’t a big deal, less focus on things when they don’t go well

★ Less resistance with getting tasks or projects done that had been put off

★ Greatly reduced sadness and worry; every person who has done sessions reports a significantly improved mood and less worrying about things in their life

★ One of our therapists reported that she was confident enough to publicly speak in front of a very large group of colleagues and peers, something that she never felt comfortable doing before

One person went from having panic attacks several times per week to no panic attacks

★ Another person went from having nightmares nightly to no nightmares

One person claimed they rebounded from a period of deep sadness in their life where they felt run down, unmotivated, with frequent crying spells; she reported that after about 6 sessions the sadness started slipping away

★ One family member stated she was able to work longer hours at work, stay focused longer, get more things done, and overall felt that her productivity greatly improved

★ Another one of our therapists reported feeling intense physical stress in her body (increased heart rate, restlessness, tension in back and jaw) for a couple of hours with no specific reason known and after doing a session during her break, she noticed she was able to feel more settled and calm in her body

There are many more examples like this, these are just some of the results we’ve seen. If you're ready to get started, please click the button below!

This all sounds fantastic, I want some of these results, how can I get some NeurOptimal sessions in my life?

Right now our Resilience Counseling & Wellness clients get first priority, as we’ve seen that NeurOptimal paired with therapy is an AMAZING combination of healing. If you’ve ever thought about doing therapy but have been on the fence, now would be a great time, as you could start NeurOptimal sessions at the same time and bypass that waitlist!

It’s totally okay if you aren’t wanting to do therapy with us, we have started a waitlist for those that are not clients that are wanting to get sessions or rent a system at home.  Go ahead and get on the waitlist, as availability changes every week and we have several systems we rent out.  We are pulling people off the waitlist each week to start their sessions, so don’t get discouraged, you could get started sooner than you may think!

If you are looking for stress reduction, increased relaxation, and improved focus while you are on the waiting list, we highly recommend you check out some of our other wellness options HERE.  They are all fantastic options for reducing nervous system dysregulation, decreasing worry and stress, and aiding in overall wellness. We are SO excited to offer all these wellness options to the Houston community and know that we can help you become LESS stressed and MORE resilient!