Client Testimonials

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I've been with Ashlie for at least 3 years. (If not more?) I've made great strides in my therapy! I'm a childhood trauma survivor. I spent most of my life simply surviving. After another traumatic event, I finally sought help. Ashlie helped me understand my trauma. She explained the reasons for my inner turmoil. She was patient and supportive. I felt accepted and safe. I have said many times that Ashlie saved my life and I'm grateful for the tools she provided me. I was very lost for very long and Ashlie led me through the darkness. I have more work ahead of me and I know I can count on Ashlie to see me through the rest of my journey. "Thank you" doesn't encapsulate the gratitude I feel for you. You helped me find true happiness! -KC

 Kristen is amazing. Very present and I love what she said in our first session—that her goal is to learn what it’s like to be me and to walk alongside me. I feel a difference since working with her and am so grateful to have found your practice and Kristen! -KH

 I have been seeing Ashlie for almost a year and a half.  She almost feels like a friend that I can talk to but one that offers good advice.  I like having her to bounce my feelings off of and having her guidance to navigate personal and business situations. I'm feeling pretty good about things in my life right now, but I look forward to our 2x per month sessions and being able to talk things out with her. -SW

 Ashlie is amazing 💙 I find myself referencing things she’s said to me, and she’s opened my mind to a lot of belief patterns I had that I wasn’t aware of. She’s also very open-minded to recommending or referring you to any other therapy methods she thinks might benefit you. I think my favorite thing about her though is she’s honest and direct, yet very in tune to take things at my pace, and never pressures me to do any type of therapy or have any type of conversation I’m not ready for. 💙 -NW

 Happy with my experience! A combination of talk therapy and EMDR has helped me transform my life along with my husband! Thank you for bringing us together in a way we didn’t realize was possible. -AS

Making great improvement and feeling hopeful. -AH

 I’ve been very pleased with the quality of our sessions. -TE

My sessions are going great! I've really enjoyed my time at Resilience. -CJ

 Ashlie is compassionate, sensitive, and trauma-informed. I had already been in therapy for years before starting with her, but for the first time, I felt deeply understood and realized that many of my issues stem from the same root cause. I have grown a lot over the last year in therapy, am more in tune with my body, can identify what I need in the moment, and am able to set better boundaries. -EA

 I think therapy is going well.  I feel like I have learned a lot about myself. -CG

 I have really enjoyed my time working with Ashlie. I have gained tools and knowledge for how to deal with things like anxiety and stress in my day-to-day life. We have also done EMDR to work through some past traumas that were successful. -VW

 I feel like I have made huge progress while working with Ashlie. She showed me how to really become aware of nervous system dysregulation and I was able to see that what I have been experiencing my whole life is not “normal” and that I have the power to fix it. Really a game-changer and I’m so glad I found her. -KV

 I feel heard and seen for the first time in a long time. As a clinician, it's hard to step back and be the patient sometimes. Becky takes my rambling and untangles it, stringing my thoughts to behaviors and patterns and making sense of who I am. -AR

 I am happy with my therapist and going to therapy. -CJ